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Thomas was born in Banford House in 1815. He married Mary Clarke Fennell (1819 - 1869) (daughter of George Fennell and Eliza (Elizabeth) Phelps (2nd daughter of Willcocks Phelps)) and they had three children:

George Fennell Haughton
(23 Dec 1858 - 23 Feb 1859)

Margaret Maria (1860 - 1894)

Caroline (1864 - 1921)

Mary died in 1869 and Thomas married again - Ann Murphy* (daughter of John** Malcolmson Murphy and Anne White) (d.1896).

These two photos were taken at the same time and placed side by side in the album. We have therefore concluded that this is his second wife Anne, given that Thomas is older than the photo above. We are unable to identify any picture of Mary.

Although we do not have much information on the business, it is worth mentioning that Thomas originally ran a drill and sheet manufacturing business with his brother Samuel. According to the records, this was in production upto 1860.

However, Samuel moved to America (date unkown) and married Agnes Elizabeth FRANKLAND, Apr 16 1849, in Cincinnati MM, Cincinnati OH, - follow link to Anne Haughton's website:


From Malcolm Haughton's memorandum we know that Thomas was assisted in the Bleachworks business by his brother David for 12 years. David could feasibly have taken over when his brother Samuel left for America and continued until 1862, the year of their father, Benjamin's death, and the year that David moved to Liverpool to take up an apprenticeship in the Grain business with William Blain & Sons.

Records state that the bleach green at Banford was being run by Joshua Fennell (date unkown). and after Benjamin's death in 1862, The Banford Bleachworks Co., was created when Daniel Jaffé formed a partnership with Thomas.

Thomas lived at Mount Pleasant, Tullylish, the neighbouring property to Banford House, from 1853 - 1860. Some time after this, he moved to Banford House, where he remained until his death on 1st November 1888 aged 72 years. He is buried at the Moyallan Friends Graveyard.

He is also listed as a JP - Justice of the Peace although we have no further details on this.

* Burke's Irish Family Records states this to be Anne White.
** Burke's Irish Family Records states this to be George.

Letters of administration with the will annexed of the personal estate of Thomas Haughton, late of Gilford, county Down, gentleman, who died 1 November 1888 at Banford House, Gilford, were granted at Belfast 25 March 1889 to Margaret Maria Watson of the Moat, Strandtown in said county, wife of George Washington Wesley Watson and Caroline Smyth of Liverpool, wife of Alfred B Smyth, the daughters. Effects £495 14s 8d.