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These are some of the photos from the Haughton family photo album (JRH from JRB). We will be gradually adding to this page but if you can help us by identifying any of the photos, we would be very glad to update the website. Only a few of the photos are actually named (as given below).

David Haughton married Adelaide Tyrell. According to Burke's Irish Family Records they had 6 children - Benjamin Alfred, Bertha Blain, Elizabeth, Anne Geraldine, Rhoda Kathleen, Adelaide Tyrell.. The Banford Family Chart shows three of them - Eliza, Benjamin Alfred, Bertha Blain. These first six photos were taken in Hull.
1. June 1879 Island Magee Small. An older David Haughton (?)
2. An older Adelaide Tyrell (?)
3. Annie Geraldine
7 yrs 3 months

4. Adeline Tyrrell Haughton
4 yrs 3 mnths

5. David Haughton & Adelaide Tyrell (?)
6. David Haughton & Adelaide Tyrell (?)
7. Benjamin Haughton & Maria Christiana McCreight with Isabel Maria, William Benjamin, Charles Albert, Edith Jane.
8. Anne H. Dickson (née Haughton)
9. Unknown (American cousin)
10. Margaret Maria in New York - possibly visiting her uncle and her cousins.
11. Anne Dickson with daughter?
12. Rachel (Snr) with grand-daughter?
13. ? - taken in Wiesbaden
14. ? Malcolm? - taken in Paris
15. Unknown
17. Unknown

For further information on James Greer Bell - see p.116
'The Linen Houses of the Bann Valley'
by Kathleen Rankin

Several photos were taken at this sitting.

20. Eliza Greer Bell
21. James Greer Bell
22. Unknown (possibly a younger 17 above?)