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Caroline Haughton 1864 - 1921


Margaret Maria Caroline

Caroline was born on 11th October 1864, in Banford, Co Down. Her father was Thomas Haughton and mother was Mary Clarke Fennell (3 Nov. 1819 - 1869) She had an older sister, Margaret Maria and a brother, George Fennell who died young (23rd December 1858 - 23rd February 1859) Her mother died in 1869 and Thomas re-married Ann Murphy.

Caroline married Alfred Battersby Smyth in Tullylish Church on 16th June 1887. She was (presumably) raised a Quaker so she clearly was prepared to give this up by marrying in the Protestant Church. We do not know how they met but trading links were strong between Belfast and Liverpool, where the Smyth family were living. Caroline's uncle worked for a shipping company out of Liverpool so it is possible they met while she was visiting family there.

After marrying, they went to live at Heathley, Oxton, Cheshire - Heathley being the Battersby Smyth's family home. Alfred's parents were John Tapp Smyth (from South Molton, Devon) and Sarah Battersby (the Battersby's of Westleigh). Various censuses document the family over 30-40 years living in this house. Heathley is no longer in existence, having been knocked down to make way for a new development - now St Joseph's Primary School.

Caroline was an intrepid traveller and made two major trips to Europe (Italy and Switzerland) that we know about. Starting from Heathley, Oxton, the trip to Switzerland (we think possibly her honeymoon) is documented in an illustrated diary. We spent several summers visiting the places she went to and realise that in 1889, when she made the trip, the world was very different. She talks about visiting the glacier in Grindlewald and walking into the ice-caves at the foot of the mountain. Today the glacier is half-way up the mountain.

Extracts from the Swiss diary

They then moved to Fir Grove, Bromsborough and then to Golborne Manor near Tattenhall. In the census of 1901, Alfred is listed as head of household, gentleman farmer.

They had two children - Alfred Worsley and Marjorie.

Caroline was a very proficient watercolourist and there are many paintings which document her life and travels - Banford House and gardens; scenes of Northern Ireland; Swiss mountains and Italian hillsides.



Caroline is buried in Tattenhall Churchyard with Alfred by her side, their grave marked by a large Celtic cross. Marjorie is also buried there. Alfred Worlsey's ashes were scattered in Bruera Churchyard, two miles from Tattenhall.

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