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Extract from memorandum by Malcolm Haughton 1904

(Extract from Malcolm Haughton's Memorandum 1904.)

Benjamin, oldest son of my father by his second marriage served his term and was cashier in the house of Richardson Bros. & Co. of Liverpool. Removed to Banford he died in Dublin in 1893.

He married Maria McCreight of Gilford, Ireland, and had the following issue: Isabelle M. living in Ireland;
William B. living in New York (unmarried at last accts.)
Edith J. living in Ireland.

Anne married James Dickson residing at Elmfield near Banford until her death and had the following issue:
Emily S;
Haughton D. engaged in the Linen business in London Eng.;
Caroline Rosa married.

David, youngest son by second marriage, assisted his brother Thomas in the Bleach Works at Banford for twelve years. In 1862 was offered an apprenticeship in Liverpool with Sam & William Blain Jnr. in the Grain business under the firm of William Blain & Sons, and after a successful business career retired temporarily from business and moved to Hull where he became the managing Director of the Colonial & U.S. Mortgage Co., and in 1904 still retained this position.

Married first Adelaide Tyrell and had the following issue:
Eliza (1887 married Cyril Preston);
Benjamin Alfred (1894 married Janet Mason);
Bertha Blain (1891 married Arthur Atkinson);
Annie Geraldine (1895 married Robert L Towgood);

Married the second time Fanny Saunders by whom he had no children.


Rachel Jackson married John Blain of Liverpool who was then engaged in the Tea Trade with China. It was necessary that Mr Blain should go to China in connection with his business and my sister decided to go with him and resided there for some years but found the climate debilitating and died there about 1872 leaving several young children, now in England living with their father.




Malcolm G. second son by second marriage served a short apprenticeship of 2 years in the house of Richardson Bros. & Co. of Liverpool Eng. during which period lived with my dear sister Margaret (then Mrs J N Richardson) near Liverpool. In 1849 came to the US and saw for the first time Niagra Falls on my way to Cincinnati, Ohio, where first remained to assist my brother Samuel who then represented R.B.&Co., Liverpool and Belfast, the firm I had just left.

In 1851, I went to New Orleans and was a junior partner in the house of Fennel Bee & Co., who represented several English and New York business houses amongst others Thomas Richardson of New York (brother of J N Richardson, my brother in law in Liverpool) a wealthy merchant and ship owner of that city.

In 1853, at the solicitation of Mr Thomas R.I. came to New York and after one year in his office I was admitted a partner in the firm of Thos. Richardson & Co., At the same time Mr Richardson established the house of Richardson Spence & Co., Liverpool with whom we did business in cotton Grain and Provisions and we were the principal owners of four large ships - The Nonpareil, The Philadelphia, The Metropolis, The Robert L Lane, (owned by Mr R.) sailing between this country and European ports. These ships were at times successful but being wooden vessels they soon began to decay and in the long run lost all they made by depreciation in value.

Mr Richardson, having died in 1868 the firm in consequence was dissolved; his capital withdrawn, and the business liquidated. This misfortune deprived me of the necessary capital to continue successfully the business and in 1878 I came back to Boston to engage in the cotton buying business first representing Hobart Smith & Co., and afterwards in 1887, that of Ralli Bros. of New York. The firm of Haughton & Co., were their agents in Boston until 1903 when Ralli Bros retired from American cotton business.

In 1884 my son Lawrence joined me in business and in 1901 my son M G Haughton Jnr. was admitted to the firm of Haughton & Co.,

Married on Staten Island, June 2nd 1863, Mary Nesbit, daughter of Samuel and Alison Turnbull Lawrence and had the following issue:

Malcolm Graeme
Alison T. I.
Percy Duncan